testimonial_1Congratulations!.I am writing to say how delighted we are with the service that Colliers have given us throughout the whole process of converting our badly designed kitchen/dining room into a wonderful entertaining space that is both smart and comfortable.

From the outset and throughout the design process the level of care that we received was excellent, matched only by the team of professionals who installed and completed the job on time with minimum of fuss and maximum attention to detail. We are only sorry that Colliers do not have the facilities to do likewise with our bathroom! If there was a chance of this happening then we would want to be first on the list!

We will most certainly recommend Colliers to our friends and indeed have already done so.
Dame. & Mr. W – Arundel

testimonial-9-prestonThank you so much for the beautiful flowers. They were a lovely surprise.

Thank you also for all your help since we first contacted you last May. We have much appreciated your advice on the kitchen and your patience over the long days.

We are really pleased with the kitchen which has resulted from your skills as designer and Kevin’s as installer.

We are moving in to the bungalow on 1 March and you are very welcome to come later and take some photos.
Mr. & Mrs. S – East Preston

testimonial_8_andoverOur new Colliers kitchen is a joy to use, and the quality of planning and design as well as that of all the appliances is just as we hoped it would be; it has already been the subject of widespread admiration from our family and friends.We owe you our sincere thanks for the care and attention shown by you and your colleagues to this project. We felt throughout the duration that you all had our interests and needs at the forefront of your thinking. In particular, Harry Worsley – with his long experience of this work – was notably skilled in interpreting our ideas, and he strove to put them into effect swiftly.
Mr. & Mrs. S – Andover

testimonial_4_hammondI am delighted with my kitchen, and it is the subject of much comment and admiration when people come around. I should like t0 thank you, Cliff, Kevin and all at Colliers for a lovely job well done. Thank you for working so well with Sceptre Construction so that the handover of different elements of the work went smoothly, and for the professional and courteous attitude of everybody involved. I was especially impressed with Kevin’s commitment, battling on ice and snow to get here, and with his attention to detail, frequently spotting and rectifying faults before I had even seen them.Finally I should like to thank you for a lovely design which achieves exactly what I wanted. I should say that we went to several firms, but finally chose Colliers because yours was the only plan which really seemed to have taken note of what I wanted and to my ideas into practice.
Mr. & Mrs H. – Oxted

testimonial_6_piltdownI would never have believed that I could get that excited about a new kitchen but without doubt the fabulous kitchen you have designed and installed for my wife and I has completely exceeded our expectations.

….Everything in the kitchen has performed faultlessly over the holiday and it has been a real pleasure to work in it. In the past I have always been a little reticent in volunteering to do the washing up but now I find myself fronting the queue and would you believe I have to be prised out of the kitchen when finishing this most enjoyable of chores.

I was very impressed that you managed to get all the work completed in time for Christmas even though a number of difficulties arose during the installation, not least my changing my mind about the electrics etc. All told a sterling effort from both yourself and your fitters. As you know this is the second kitchen we have bought from your Company over the last sixteen years and if this kitchen performs as well as the last we shall no doubt be back for a third and who knows, perhaps having to deal with a third generation of Colliers.

Thank you for all the hard work and interest you have shown in making our kitchen the success it is.
Mr. D – Piltdown

testimonial_7_findonMany may strive to achieve it, but in my experience no one I am aware of has reached the “Collier Quality” standard.

From the first meeting with you to the final completion everything is just pure joy.

One does expect of course to be delighted and thrilled by the finished product, which indeed we are – almost a foregone conclusion – but still great delight when the job is done.
Mr. D, Findon

testimonialeasonHaving had the opportunity now to enjoy our new kitchen for several weeks feel it appropriate to report how delighted we are.

From your first visit to measure and quote until the final switch-on the service has been exceptional. Everything was delivered when promised, all the ancillary work was perfectly dove-tailed and the interest and enthusiasm from Kevin throughout the fitting minimised the discomfort of the disruption involved.

We thank you most sincerely for a superb project and the advice you gave.

Hoping the future will bring the continuing success you so obviously merit.
Mr. & Mrs E – Hove